The Process

Thomassen collective will guide you
through this process for each project.

Gather / Discover / Dream / Refine / Launch


Information about the project’s scope, timeline and other details will be gathered. We’ll develop a project brief so we can all be on the same page. And a project proposal and contract will be put together for you. After that’s approved, each project requires a standard 50% deposit. Then once the project is completed, the remainder is due. Payment plans can also be customized.


Let’s dive deep. This is the phase where we’ll spend important time researching, clarifying your goals, studying your competition, and assembling inspiration, styles, and ideas into mood boards. This phase is foundational. It will set the direction for the rest of the process.


Let’s breathe life into some concepts. During this phase, the ideas will start to become tangible. Several options will be developed and presented to you that align with the styles and objectives developed during the Gather and Discover phases.


We’re almost there! From here, the top concept from the Dream phase will be refined and polished until it’s ready to say hello to the world.


The show is ready to start. The curtain is opening. The project will make its debut to the world! You’ll be equipped with final artwork and the deliverables which were outlined in your project proposal.